Content. That doesn't suck.

Hey. My Name is Kimberlee Meier.

And I write content for B2B/SaaS companies that… doesn’t suck.

As seen in…

The results?

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Solid back-link growth

On client guest posts


Clear ROI

On content pieces


#1 Rank in Google

For client’s chosen keywords

And here’s what they’re saying.

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Alex Vale | Growth,  Attio

Alex Vale | Growth, Attio

“Kim is the perfect match to write for Attio’s blog. She has a deep understanding of B2B SaaS fundamentals and is capable of distilling complicated subjects down into digestible and actionable content. She has also demonstrated quality research skills and the ability to quickly understand even the most obscure topics.”

Raúl Galera | Partner Manager,  ReferralCandy

Raúl Galera | Partner Manager, ReferralCandy

“Kimberlee knows a lot about technology and SaaS so working with her makes my life a lot easier. She is my go-to writer when I need pieces that require in-depth research about niche topics. Kimberlee has been working with us at ReferralCandy for a while now and we could not be happier with her!”


Cody Slingerland | Owner,  Jawfish Digital

Cody Slingerland | Owner, Jawfish Digital

“We have been working with Kim for some time now and have been extremely pleased with the quality of work she has delivered! She’s attentive, quick to respond to messages, and always returns assignments on time. If you’re looking for a freelance writer, I would highly recommend Kim for your next project!”

Tom Whatley | Owne,

Tom Whatley | Owne,

“Kim is one of our regular writers who gets what makes great content. She over-delivers on every piece she writes, making sure there’s plenty of actionable advice for our audience to get their teeth into.”

Who am I?

MY NAME IS kimberlee meier.

In a previous life, I was an award-winning Australian journalist. It was there that my obsession for research began. It’s this same skill that now allows me to create top-ranking content for my clients.

I’ve been a media professional for nearly 10 years. And I’m looking forward to sharing my expertise with you and your business.

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