the proof is in the pudding.


I write for some of the most successful startups around the world.


I’ve produced 30+ pieces for San Francisco CRM company, Copper.

Their branding and approach is my type of company. They are fast paced, edgy, and know that high-quality content = more customers.

Check out all of my work through the link below.



I’ve also produced a bunch of pieces for online marketing and promotional campaign company, Instapage.

Instapage helps businesses get more conversions.

I write for them through marketing agency, Jawfish Digital. Check out our work here:

I work with people who know their stuff.


I’m a regular contributor for a bunch of high-performing B2B/SaaS marketing agencies.

Working alongside credible agencies, I’ve produced content for some of the biggest names in B2B/SaaS right now. Instapage, Leadboxer, and Acquisio are just some of the places you’ll find my work.

Check out some of my most recent pieces for B2B/SaaS companies.